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The next generation of online micro marketing and referrals
where the customers market the e-merchants' products

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Within online viral referrals and social media optimization,
where costumers will get REAL return on targeted SMO activities

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Providing e-merchants with an a-z viral referral
software platform for marketing in social media.

A social media engagement platform for e-merchants

– Give your customers the tools to Shout-Outshoutout (n.) Slang. A public expression of thanks or gratitude. A positive public acknowledgement of a friend or product.¹ their purchases and empower them to get real returnDiscount, StoreCredit, Affiliate kickback, Coupon, Special offers, Giftcads… and the list goes on² as they drive traffic and sales to your web shop.

We are soon launching an online referral and affiliate software (SaaS platform), which e-commerce merchants can utilize in marketing, directly embedded in the customer’s purchase process. We are providing e-merchants with an a-z  viral referral software platform for marketing in social media.

Software as a service

Centrally hosted on our servers, where we take care of software and hardware management, enabling you to focus on the important things.

Powerful control panel

Customize discounts, create and monitor campaigns, review reports and more! Go along with the default settings or customize your customer’s experience in our powerful control panel.

Social media

ShoutOutReferral integrates with all the social media platforms out there. You decide which channels you want your customers to shout out their purchases on.


ShoutOutReferral is platform independent. We already have built in support for existing platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce, Joomla, osCommerce, Shoppify. ShoutOut Referral can also be integrated into any platform using our extensive API.

Social media marketing platform

We are creating a new “social media” marketing platform for e-merchants where they can engage their clients to shout out their purchases and empower them to get something in return.

Online micromarketing and referrals

The next generation of online micro marketing and referrals is to have the customers to the e-merchants to marked their products for them, and let the customers do the micro marketing and social media optimization.

Marketing costs will no longer be fixed

This is a second generation referral platform for e-commerce merchants globally. The overall marketing cost will drop, and a large portion of the marketing costs will no longer be fixed, but variable.

Revamping social media optimization

We want to make a paradigm shift within online viral referrals and Social media optimization, where the costumers, will get REAL return on targeted SMOSocial activities.

Rerouting billions to the customers

We want to see a big portion of the billions that are spent on marketing by e-merchants in media channels, rather get rerouted to the customers to the e-commerce merchants and not the gigantic media groups.

People based marketing

Is it People Based Marketing? Not exactly how Facebook or Google defines it, but yes! We can for sure generate extremely relevant data to the major players within PBM.